B6500: Lead: People, Teams, Organizations

The goal of this course is to enhance MBA students’ skills for leading people, teams, and organizations. The course is designed as the first step on students’ academic and professional journey at Columbia Business School. Our goal is to help students build their leadership toolkit and facilitate their ability to take charge of their own careers. The twin themes of the course are: (1) developing, managing, and leading oneself and others around you and (2) cultivating a thriving career for oneself.

B9517: (Ph.D.) Advanced Micro Seminar in Social Interactions in Groups and Organizations

How do we make sense of other people and of ourselves in organizations? Building on a long tradition of research and theory in social psychology, and invigorated by an infusion of new ideas and methods emerging from cognitive psychology, social cognition researchers have shed new light on many classic social psychological questions and have extended these ideas in applied (e.g., organizational) contexts. The seminar will have both a practical and theoretical focus. Practically, it will focus on how to identify and formulate questions that are both provocative and tractable, how to decide on appropriate research designs and strategies, how to write an effective research article, and how to navigate the publication process. Theoretically, it will provide a more complete understanding of our knowledge of how people think about individuals and groups in organizations.

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