Setbacks Can Spur Leaps Forward

- Columbia Ideas at Work

To reach your personal best, sometimes you have to go through the worst. Modupe found that individuals produced works of significantly greater creativity after being primed with a negative stimulus.

Diversity Isn’t What It Used to Be: The Consequences of Broad Diversity Definitions

- Harvard Business School
Modupe speaks at the 2016 Gender & Work Symposium, "Talking the Walk: Possibilities for Change through Dialogue, Expression, and Narrative."

Feedback Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

- Columbia Business School
Modupe Akinola discusses her research at the intersection of psychology and business.

Three-Minute Insights

- The New York Times DealBook Conference 2015
Modupe on stress and its surprising effect on performance and leadership.

Influencing Corporate America

- The PhD Project
Modupe discusses some of her research which emanates from relationships she formed through The PhD Project.

Faculty Profile

- Columbia Business School
Modupe talks about her research and how she applies it to business and teaching.

Cultivating Creativity: What Practices Can Make You More (or Less) Creative?

- Program on Social Intelligence, Columbia Business School
Modupe Akinola discusses how managers can foster creativity in themselves and their employees.